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Breast Milk Storage Bags

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50 7 oz Storage Bags

Compatible with all RumbleTuff Breast Pumps



Each bag is sterilized prior to packaging and is ready for immediate use - simply tear off the top of the bag to open.


Our convenient breast milk storage bags allows Mom to store, freeze and protect her liquid gold. Each bag holds up to 7 ounces of milk.


Printed measurements on the bag let's Mom easily track production and usage of her precious milk.

Leak Proof

Built from quality plastic and designed with a double seal for a superior seal to prevent leaks and keep milk fresher for longer.


Each bag is made from sturdy plastic with a thickness of 0.08 mm for securely standing by itself when filled with milk.


Space at the top gives Mom (or Dad) room to write all the information they, or a caregiver, needs to use the milk in the correct order.